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Should there be a ban on gifts to teachers?

Editor’s note: On Teachers’ Day, which is celebrated on Sept 10 every year, many parents in China rack their brains about what gifts to give to their children’s teachers. As the authorities take steps to discourage the practice, do you think it is still appropriate to send Teachers’ Day gifts? Forum readers share their opinions.


Teachers are not laborers. Their job is a very important one, and the teaching industry is more important than any other industry, because here you are working with very young children who will determine the world’s future. The teaching profession always requires overtime work. Good teachers are highly respectable. You don’t need to lavish gifts on teachers. The reward of teaching is not monetary, that’s just a by-product…the greatest reward of teaching is satisfaction and happiness.

A students takes two bunches of flowers to school for his teachers on the 29th Teachers’ Day in 2013.[Photo/IC]

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